Adoption Ethiopia



If you are interested in adopting a child from Ethiopia in Greece, please follow this link for suggestions and more information concerning the procedure and provides a forum.


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Requirements to be fulfilled by Foreign Adoptive parents.




The documents to be submitted by the applicant from his permanent domicile should include:




1.       Economic status from a recognize source


2.       Police clearance of applicant/s


3.       Medical certificate from recognized hospitals, clinics etc


4.       Birth and marriage certificates


5.       The Agency who does the psycho-social study and recommendation on applicants must be accepted by the concerned government body of the respected countries


6.       A short statement as to why an Ethiopian child is preferred


7.       Two passport-size photographs of the prospective adoptive parent/s


8.       “Obligation of Adoption or Social Welfare Agency” form must be forwarded together with the psychosocial study


9.       Verification by the adoption agency on qualification for naturalization under the national law of the applicant


10.   All the aforementioned documents should be authenticated by the near Ethiopian Embassy or Consulate


and submitted or forwarded directly by the concerned person/s or agency to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MOWA)